Chris Brogan Visits Pinkerton Academy!

On March 28th, Marketing & Business Management, Math, and Media Communication students had the privilege to hear from the New York Times Best-Selling author of the Impact Equation, Chris Brogan. Impact_Equation

Seniors Rebecca Gray & Kayla Wood initially met Chris, who is also the President and CEO of Human Business Works,  at a workshop hosted by the Boston Chapter of the American Marketing Association back in December. The girls were inspired by his talk about cutting-edge content marketing strategies used in business. When they returned from the workshop, they shared their experience with me and stayed in contact with Chris through Twitter.

Over February vacation, I was thinking about another marketing expert I could bring into the classroom via Skype so that students could receive an authentic learning experience.

I immediately thought of Chris.

I decided to reach out to him via Twitter to see if he would be interested in Skyping with a group of high school marketing students. He responded to my Tweet and when he discovered we were in New Hampshire, he offered to come in and speak in person.

chris brogan

Chris shared his real-life success stories with a sold-out crowd!

Chris presented to five classes and shared his success strategies and amazing stories with a captivated audience. My personal favorites included the stories of meeting and spending time with billionarie Richard Branson, the consultant work he’s done with top-level executives at General Motors, the prom in California he is helping to fund for special needs students, and perhaps the best story; the fact he has a huge Twitter fan base of Justin Bieber fans in Brazil! In all seriousness, Chris is by far a genius when it comes to understanding the power of human connection and communication.

Chris has served as a consultant and keynote speaker at conferences throughout the world. He has worked with corporations such as Coke, Pepsi, Google, General Motors, and Comcast. He has authored several books, writes for Success magazine, chris head shotand has appeared on the Dr. Phil show. To have him on our campus was truly amazing!

He gave students advice and tips on how they can use social media to build their network and achieve their dreams. His messages encouraged students to “be who you are…only louder” and that “there are a lot of ways to the finish line.” In terms of blogging, he urged students (and me) to “be helpful, be human, be everywhere, and be interesting.”

Many students, teachers, and guidance counselors stayed after the presentation had ended to talk with Chris individually about their personal goals and aspirations. Chris offered several “next step” suggestions to encourage students to stay true to their passions and goals and gave some of the teachers pointers on how to start leveraging their blogs.


Thanks to Rebecca Gray for making it all happen!

Chris’s business is all about connecting with people, and while he may create those connections through social media, when asked what he likes most about what he does, he said “talking with you.” That was evident throughout the day as Chris made it a point to answer each and every question, both during and after each presentation.

Chris Brogan exemplifies what social media is all about; making meaningful connections with people. It is important to remember that this incredible learning experience all started with a 140 characters. What’s even more incredible, and also more important, is that this entire day was made possible because of students.



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