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Future CEO’s

For the past two weeks, Marketing and Business Management students have been hard at work creating their business plans. The program competencies embedded in this project included:

  • Strategic Management
  • Target Marketing
  • Business Operations
  • Human Resource Management

Through this project, students were able to assess the entrepreneurial skills and characteristics they currently possess. Students were also able to develop a plan for professional development to achieve the mission and vision of a long-term successful business venture. Students devised a marketing plan, an industry, economic, and competitive analysis, and are currently working on developing the financial strategy to ensure the success of their business. Students were encouraged to be creative in their approach to their business plan project. Some students opted to develop a website for their business, while other students chose to make prezis, PowerPoints, write a report, develop an app, or make a video. This was truly a differentiated project that allowed students to explore and develop technical skills as well as critical thinking and creativity skills. Below are links to many of my students’ business plans. You will notice each plan is different and has been tailored to the unique ideas of each of my students.

I’m incredibly proud of the creative risks that my students took in creating their plans and their tenacity in problem-solving when faced with technical problems in creating their websites. Despite some of the challenges my students faced, they were able to create realistic websites that could serve as the foundation for viable promotional tools in the real-world. What was most inspiring was the way my students collaborated with one another in building their sites and in developing the content. Content, which is rooted in the curriculum, was the most important aspect of this project. Now that the project is completed, students have the opportunity to celebrate their success, but are also ale to identify what aspects of the plan they would improve upon. Bottom line; my students are proud of what they have produced and will be able to share their creations and learning experiences in the future.

I encourage you all to take a look at the creative talents and efforts of several of my students. All of my students will be publishing their business plans on their blogs (4th quarter project) and I know you will agree that I have a group of incredibly talented and promising future CEO’s!

Amanda’s Plan-

George’s Plan –

Sam’s Plan –

Catherine’s Plan-

Nichole’s Plan-