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WordPress: Digital Portfolio Project

Your final project for Marketing & Business Management is to create a WordPress blog. Your blog will serve as your digital portfolio and will showcase the best projects you have completed throughout your high school career. Your blog should highlight who you are as an individual and demonstrate the unique talents, skills, and abilities that you have to offer to an employer. What you create should be able to withstand the scrutiny of an interview and if leveraged properly, will help you establish a professional network and ultimately help you gain valuable and meaningful employment. Your blog must be professional and be something that you are proud to share. Your blog will demonstrate your understanding of what it means to be a responsible digital citizen. 

The requirements for your blog are as follows:

1. About Me

This is perhaps the most important page in your blog. You want to explain to your audience (which will be global) who you are, the academic and extra-curricular experiences you have gained while in high school and what you plan to accomplish as you enter the next phase in your life; whether that be attending college or entering the workforce. In this section, your goal is to distinguish yourself as a unique individual. Articulate your strengths and talents, explain your career goals and how you plan to achieve the goals you have established. Be specific about what you have accomplished in high school and the motivation you have to continue your education. After reading your About Me page, the reader (hopefully the hiring manager at your dream company!) should have a clear understanding of “what makes you tick” and why you would be a valuable asset to the organization.

You are required to have a professional profile picture on your about me page. Feel free to add any other “bells and whistles” to the about me page that will make you stand out.

2. Work Samples/Portfolio

On this page, you must feature links and/or embed the best work you have created in high school. Any PowerPoint presentations you have created can be uploaded into SlideShare and then embedded in your blog. Any videos you have created that are on YouTube can also be embedded. Photos of  your academic, athletic, and/or community involvement are also appropriate to include on this page. Showcase your work and show a future employer that you are a star!

3. Posts

You are required to write and publish 3 posts on your blog.

Post #1- The first post must be a reflection on the importance of collaboration in a working environment. Since you have gained a great deal of experience working in teams over the past two years in the program, you should be able to write about your ability to function effectively as a member of a team. Think about the various group projects you have completed not only in Marketing, but in all of the other courses you have taken while in high school. When did you  emerge as the group leader? How did you handle working with people who had different work styles or levels of motivation? You will all be working in collaborative environments in the future, so it is important to show to a  potential employer that you already have a great deal experience working in teams and understand what it takes to be successful and achieve a common goal. Writing about your experience with Google Docs is also strongly advised. You have a strong understanding of sharing and collaborating on work via Google Docs and this is something that many employers will find impressive. You may also use the experience you have gained working in the store for this post.

Post #2- Your second post should be a reflection on your ability to learn and adapt to new technology. Since we have focused a lot this year on incorporating web 2.0, social media, and apps take some time to explain in this post some of the specific tech tools you have learned. Since the world of business, marketing, and entrepreneurship, relies heavily on innovation in technology, use this post as an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the role technology plays not only in our society as a whole, but how it applies specifically to the career path you plan to pursue.

Post #3-Your final post can be a topic of your choice, however it must come from an article or a video resource that is connected to your intended career goal. For example, if your goal is to become an event planner, you should find an article from a reliable and current source that has something to do with a trend in the industry.  If your goal is to become an entrepreneur (which I know is a goal for many of you) then I would suggest looking at Under30ceo, as this is a valuable resource for young, aspiring entrepreneurs. Prior to publishing this post, you must receive my approval on the article that you select.

There are no length requirements for posts. Some of the best blog posts are brief. You are however required to use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and so on. While your posts should be a reflection of your unique voice, you should avoid slang and/or “text lingo.” Remember this isn’t Twitter so you can write to your heart’s desire if you have a lot to say! I would encourage you also to add links to resources in your posts. This proves your ability to research and may also gain you some new blog followers, which is an added bonus! If you share meaningful content, odds are people will want to hear what you have to say, whether they agree with you or not!

Additional Requirements:

Blog title & tagline– the title of your blog should be professional and again should be impressive to a future employer. You will also want to create a tag line. Think of the tagline as “the slogan of you.” You have the opportunity here to show your creativity so take full advantage of that and show your audience how clever you are!

LinkedIn &

After completing your LinkedIn and you will want to link them both to your blog. These links can be inserted on your About Me page. While you may not have a lot of work experience right now, your LinkedIn summary and digital resume can show an employer that you are serious about your education and professional goals. Internship and co-op experiences can be highly competitive, but with your blog, LinkedIn, and accounts, you are much more likely to get noticed by hiring managers and recruiters and it will be that much easier to get the position that you want and be on your way to long-term career success and financial independence.



Students Build Their PLN’s!

Lindsey TweetAs Marketing & Business Management students prepare for the upcoming Social Media & Web 2.0 Trade Show, many have been researching various technology tools teachers can use for organization, professional development, and communication with colleagues and students. One tool in particular that my student, Lindsey Mote, has been researching and is excited to demonstrate to teachers at the trade show is the tool Planboard.

Lindsey took the initiative to reach out to the co-founder of Planboard, Suraj Srinivas (@srinivassuraj), in an effort to gather primary data on this tool. She engaged in a dialogue with the co-founder through the website’s chat feature, learned about the benefits of the tool, including how to create lesson plans which can be easily connected to Common Core State Standards, and she is ready to conduct a hands-on demonstration on how to create an account and start using Planboard.

Lindsey will be receiving a free Planboard t-shirt from Mr. Srinivas to wear the day of the trade show. This is an excellent example of how students can connect with and learn from industry professionals. Great job Lindsey! Excited to give Planboard a try!

Google comes to Pinkerton Academy!

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 6.50.08 AM

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 6.51.30 AMMichael is an Account Manager at Google in large client services. In this role, he helps national companies create and implement advertising and branding solutions through Google’s many platforms, including and YouTube. Prior to joining his current team in 2012, Michael worked as a contract employee for Google Offers. He has three years of experience working with national and local businesses.

In addition to his role at Google, Michael serves as Executive Director and founder of Next Step Consulting; a Boston based nonprofit that works with local college students and community members to help them find or create meaningful employment opportunities in their areas.

Michael graduated with a bachelor’s degree in public relations from the University of New Mexico, where he served as Associated Student body vice president and president of the Student Senate. He currently lives in Boston, MA.

Michael will be coming to campus on Thursday, May 23rd and will be speaking in the Academy Building lecture hall periods B, C, D, E, and G. If you are interested in bringing your class to come hear Michael speak, please RSVP with the period you wish to attend as well as the number of students in your class. Michael will be bringing “Google goodies” for the students. This will surely be an amazing learning opportunity for all those who attend!

PA 2.0: Tech Tools for Teachers

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 8.40.30 PM

On Wednesday, June 5th Pinkerton Academy Marketing and Business Management students will be hosting PA 2.0: Tech Tools for Teachers, the first ever social media and Web 2.0 trade show targeted to faculty and staff. The idea for the trade show comes from the recent technology workshop day for faculty and staff and the vision for technology integration to enhance teaching and learning at Pinkerton Academy. Below are several examples of the trade show “booths” that students have created for this exciting event.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 11.51.09 AM Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 11.51.23 AM Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 11.51.34 AM Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 11.51.44 AM

PA 2.0: Tech Tools for Teachers, is a student-centered project designed to allow marketing students to demonstrate their creativity, critical-thinking, collaboration, and communication skills.

Students are working in teams researching current educational technology tools including Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Android and iPhone apps, and Web 2.0 tools that are content specific. Students will demonstrate how social media and web 2.0 can be used for teacher professional development and as a way to integrate meaningful and engaging technology tools into the classroom. According to Pinkerton policy, Smartphones are permitted to be used in class with teacher permission. The trade show will allow students to show teachers how they can incorporate students’ mobile devices into the classroom. Tools such as Google Drive, Edmodo, Dropbox, and Evernote allow teachers and students to more effectively communicate, stay organized, and create a digital workflow. Web 2.0 tools such as Voice Thread, Prezi, Glogster, Pixton, Wordle, Tagxedo, WordPress, Animoto, and Podcasts give students more choices to demonstrate their learning and lend themselves to increased collaboration and creativity, all important 21st century skills.

One of the greatest benefits of increased technology integration is teaching students how to create a positive digital footprint. Marketing students are hard at work developing trade show “booths” as well as actual lessons to demonstrate to faculty. The students are piloting this effort which has the potential to become an annual event.

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 8.33.43 PM